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        The creation of a faculty ombudsman was proposed several years ago by TTU Provost William Marcy.  A staff ombudsman was appointed (see OP 70.23), but no equivalent resource has yet been established for faculty members. This year, at the Faculty Senate meeting on September 12, President Gene Wilde again urged the creation of such an office.

        At the TTU AAUP Meeting on December 3, the chapter voiced its support for the creation of such an office and forwarded this recommendation on to the Faculty Senate.  The vote was not entirely disinterested.  Historically, local AAUP officers have frequently served, in an unofficial capacity, as resource persons for faculty members and contingent faculty members who have questions about issues regarding due process, tenure issues, grievance procedures and other matters.  Some of this work might be done more efficiently and expeditiously by a professional and disinterested ombudsman (ombudsperson?).

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