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Welcome to Texas Tech University's African Students Association Website. Please feel free to browse through our site to learn more about our organization. TTU ASO will be keeping busy this year on our goal of educating the Tech Community and the Lubbock community as a whole about the richness of and diverse cultures present in Africa. We will also discuss and address the numerous issues that are impeding the progress of a continent that is both rich in resources and full of strong, resilient people. Recently,we succeeded in reaching our goal of revolutionizing ASO. Our main goal for the next school year
is to broaden the reach of the African Students Organization beyond African Students. We want students and persons of all nationalities and ethnicities to be able to feel welcomed and motivated in our purpose of educating and entertaining Texas Tech University about the African Continent. I hope to see you at our meetings and various events.
Thank you once again for the visit.



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Fine Boy No Pimple? 
Basic Info
Sex: M
Birthday: 5/11

Interested In: Women and Food
Favorite Sports FOOTBALL

Nationality What is that? I dey stay for bush
Best friends or friend Iya basira's son Kelechi
Status Facebook status? I said i like women nau
What do you expect from ASO? To give me plenty food and plenty girls numbers

Favorite Quotations

So you are tellling if i snap picture i would get 65 cents a day




Members please show up for our meeting in the fall, this meeting is to help us plan for our upcoming ASO events both internal and external. We also get to meet our new memebers .


calling cards
calling cards