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Call for DEBS 2013 Grand Challenge Solutions
´╗┐DEBS 2013: 7th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems


Arlington, Texas, USA, June 29 - July 3, 2013


The ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS) 2013 Grand Challenge is the third in a series of challenges which seek to provide a common ground and evaluation criteria for a competition aimed at both research and industrial event-based systems. The goal of the Grand Challenge competition is to implement a solution to a problem provided by the Grand Challenge organizers. The DEBS Grand Challenge series provides problems which are relevant to the industry at large. DEBS Grand Challenge problems allow for evaluation of event based systems using real-life data and queries.

The detailed description for this years challenge can be found here.

All DEBS 2013 Grand Challenge submissions must be composed of two parts: (1) a 6 page paper, in ACM SIG proceedings format, outlining the solution, highlighting its innovative aspects and presenting the evaluation and (2) a demonstration of the system - either in the form of a video or a screencast. All submissions are subject to a peer review process. Authors of all accepted submissions will be invited to present their systems during the DEBS 2013 Conference. Upon the explicit consent from the challenge participants, authors solutions will be included in the global ranking with the winner of the Grand Challenge being announced and awarded during the conference banquet. The global ranking is based on the peer review process scores and the performance of the solution. The performance is based on the throughput and latency of the system under the assumption of result correctness.

  We like to thank Christopher Mutschler and the Fraunhofer IIS for provisioning the sensor data and for their help in preparing this challenge.


Submission Information


All paper submissions must be original and unpublished. Submissions must be in the ACM format for conference proceedings.

Only PDF documents will be accepted.

Authors are encouraged to make use of the ACM SIGS Proceedings templates available at

Submissions to all tracks of DEBS 2013 are made through the DEBS 2013 submission site on EasyChair by 11:59 PM (GMT) on the due date. Questions about submissions can be sent to the DEBS 2013 program chairs at

Step 1 - until 15th of March (Updated!) - submission of non-binding intent for participation. The goal of this submission is to initiate the contact between the DEBS Challenge organizers and solution authors.

Step 2 - until 12th of April - DEBS Challenge participants are encouraged to contact Challenge organizers with questions and suggestions regarding the problem. Main contact points for solution authors are: Zbigniew Jerzak ( and Holger Ziekow ( All questions and answers will be made available online on the DEBS Challenge website.

Step 3 - 12th of April (11:59pm GMT) - deadline for submissions of the DEBS Challenge solutions. Submissions must include a paper (up to 6 pages) highlighting most interesting and novel aspects of the provided solution. Solution authors are encouraged to provide Challenge organizers with a VM containing their solutions. Upon explicit consent from authors their solutions will be evaluated by the Challenge organizers.

Step 4 - between 12th and 6th of May - evaluation of solutions and review of accompanying papers by the Challenge organizers. A solution in order to be accepted for publication in the proceedings of the DEBS Conference must 1) pass the peer review of the accompanying paper and 2) pass the correctness criteria for the DEBS Challenge problem. All accepted solutions, whose authors agree to provide the challenge organizers with a running system, will be subsequently ranked based on the achieved throughput and latency.

Step 5 - 6th of May - Notifications to authors of accepted solutions.

Step 6 - June 29-July 3 - Announcement of the DEBS 2013 Grand Challenge winner during the conference banquet. DEBS Grand Challenge winner will be the solution achieving the highest throughput and lowest latency. DEBS Challenge organizers reserve the right to reward honorable mentions to solutions whose authors did not provide organizers with the running system, which however presented most innovative or interesting approaches towards solving of the DEBS 2013 Grand Challenge problem.

Important Dates

Grand Challenge Problem Description Posted January 21, 2013
Grand Challenge Solution with Paper submission April 12, 2013
Author notification for Research Papers, Industry Papers, Industry Experience Reports, Grand Challenge Solutions, and Tutorials May 6, 2013
Conference June 29-July 3, 2013


Grand Challenge Co-Chairs

Zbigniew Jerzak (, SAP AG, Germany

Holger Ziekow (, AGT International, Germany



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