Court Jesters

The Court Jesters Basketball Band is the all-volunteer pep band of Texas Tech University performing at all home games for the Red Raiders and the Lady Raiders. This energenic ensemble serves as ambassadors of spirit and tradition for the university throughout North America.

The band has made numerous appearances at various university and civic functions in addition to their support of the Texas Tech basketball teams. They have performed at every conference tournament since 1981 including the former Southwest Conference at San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas, as well as the BigXII Conference at Kansas City. Also, the Court Jesters have traveled in support of team appearances in the NCAA tournment at: Dayton, OH; Seattle, WA; Missoula, MT; Atlanta, GA; San Jose, CA; Richmond, VA; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Knoxville, TN; and Bloomington, IL.

Court Jesters Photos

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