Welcome to the website of Nepalese Student Association (NSA) at Texas Tech University (TTU). We are an officially registered student organization that aims to promote Nepal and its culture through various activities as well as to foster interaction between all members in order to create a resourceful social and academic environment. We embrace diversity through cultural exchange between the communities at Lubbock and the academic staff at Texas Tech University. We also try to address challenges encountered by Nepalese students.

We organize various on and off-campus activities. Recent examples include social and literary events and sports tournaments. We, along with the Nepalese Community in Lubbock, celebrate popular Nepalese festivals such as Teej, Dashain,Tihar and Nepalese New Year. The continuous support of the Nepalese Community at Lubbock has been instrumental in the success of all our endeavors. We also actively engage ourselves in various on campus events such as Diversity Week, Arbor Day, Engineering Kick-Off, International Showcase and all other international and multi-cultural events.


NSA was established in 2006 to represent the Nepalese students at Texas Tech University. The founder president of NSA was Binod Maharjan and his executive committee led NSA for two consecutive years until 2008. Thereafter, NSA was led by Mahendra Adhikari (2008-09), Shyam Adhikari (2009-10), Samujjwal Bhandari (2010-11), Avi Sapkota (2011-12), Aadesh Niraula (2012-13), Siroj Pokharel (2013-15) and Roshan Bimali (2015-2016). Tremendous guidance from our former advisor Dr. Megha Parajulee and present advisor Dr. Bibha Gautam has been very significant in our progress throughout the years.