Client-Based Financial Coaching

"Client-Based Financial Coaching is similar to a personal trainer. The trainer provides some basic information and education. They also provide a variety of different ideas and exercises so you don’t get bored and most importantly they are someone who can help you hold yourself accountable." – Tim Griesdorn, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, long-time Red to Black volunteer

Client-Based Financial Coaches provide one-on-one counseling/planning in a confidential manner. These planners help students with specific financial topics that include but are not limited to the following:

Money Management | Debt-Reduction | Identity Theft | Employee Benefits | Budgeting | Goal Setting

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Meet your Client-Based Financial Coaches

Nhat Ho

Alesha Isaacs

Zach Knight

Poy - Areerat Lertchaipitak

Ben A. Mercado

Jarod Mitchell

Tyler Theriault

David Wilder