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Howdy TECHsans

Student Leaders, Training Leaders

Howdy TECHsans are Texas Tech students who are interested in becoming involved on campus. Many past Howdy TECHSans become Howdy TECHsan leaders, Community Advisors or members of the RHA Executive Board.

Howdy TECHsans move into the residence halls three days early in August to help get the building ready for opening, help students move in and help other Tech students get acquainted to Tech. Howdy TECHsans also assist in getting students to participate in a variety of Raider Welcome activities. Howdy TECHsans also have the opportunity to tap into a variety of other leadership opportunities and development programs at Texas Tech throughout the year.

Howdy TECHsans are trained by both the RHA Executive Board as well as Howdy TECHsan Leaders.

Important Documents

Release of Liability

Howdy TECHsan Participation agreement

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Red Raider Recyclers

As a Red Raider Recycler (R3) you will have the exciting opportunity to help both others and the environment during residence hall move- in weekend. R3's will participate in all elements of the Howdy TECHsan program including the College Success Sessions, early move-in, meals, and social events. During the move-in weekend, R3's will be stationed outside of the residence halls to assist families and other new students.

Being an R3 is perfect for students that like to work with their hands, like to be outside, or love to help the environment by recycling. R3 tasks will include breaking down cardboard boxes, sorting recyclable materials, greeting families, providing directions, and providing information about sustainability initiatives on campus.

R3 and Howdy TECHsan applications can be located on the same form on this site.

Oh, The Places You'll Go

The Howdy TECHsans training program includes:

    • Early move-in during the week before regular hall opening
    • Team building activities led by student leaders
    • Early access to student organizations
    • Community service opportunities

Information about how to apply will be released later this spring and during Red Raider Orientation. If you would like more information about the Howdy TECHsan program or want to become a Howdy TECHsan leader, contact us to learn how to get involved.

Your hall staff, CA's and Complex Council can tell you more about the program and the experiences. Howdy TECHsan's all about Student Leaders training Leaders.


Howdy TECHsan Leaders

Howdy TECHsan leaders receive personal training from RHA executive board members, and in turn train their Howdy TECHsans to greet new residents and to assist move-in staff. The Residence Halls Association will open Howdy TECHsan leader aplications in Spring 2014.

For updates on what this year's Howdy TECHsans get up to, visit our facebook.

If you would like to see a tentative schedule of summer activities and the Howdy TECHsan program, click here.