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Welcome to the VATT

"The main focus of the Veterans Association at Texas Tech is to assist veteran students or future students in transitioning smoothly from the rigors of a military lifestyle into a successful academic career at Texas Tech University."
Our organization is trying to expand its numbers of members. The VATT is a great approach to meeting other student veterans that have undergone the same transition as you have. Every member has a different background but each has something different to offer the organization. Newer students may find that it is much easier to ask questions to other veterans. By providing a means for veterans to meet and help each other, the VATT can be very useful in your college career. Some members may be in the same field of study as each other which means valuable insight can be exchanged. We all come from a background of being willing to extend a hand to help our brothers and sisters, so why stop engaging each other after exiting the service?

Texas Tech Chapter of the Student Veterans of America